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Alexander Szabo is an American writer currently based in Indiana. Ever since he visited the jungles of Peru as a child, he's been enamored with traveling abroad and seeing everything that the world has to offer. Now that he's grown, he has done his best to realize that dream, traveling to 35 countries and living in four (not counting his home country - the United States). No matter where he goes, he always finds warm people, beautiful locales, and plenty of adventure. For him, that's plenty of reason to keep on exploring. As a budget traveler in his twenties, Alex tends to gravitate toward destinations that give you the most bang for your buck. He also loves traveling to places with jaw-dropping landscapes and astounding natural splendor. Maybe it's due to growing up in the relatively flat Midwestern state of Indiana, but Alex is particularly drawn to coasts, mountains, and rainforests. Not that that's a bad thing - he loves every minute of it! You'll find that Alex tends to write guides to destinations around Asia, where he's spent 7 years of his life, as well as other far flung locations like Australia and South America. He hopes you'll find them helpful in planning adventures of your own. Who knows? Perhaps he'll see you on his next trip!
Americas Caribbean Destinations Guide Hotel

Ocho Rios | Waterfalls, Reggae, and Beyond

Alexander Szabo
It may be hard to believe it, but Ocho Rios was once little more than a sleepy Jamaican fishing town. Though that image is at odds with the tourist hotspot it has become, there’s still...
Destinations Europe Guide Switzerland Travel Tips

Zermatt | Skiing in the Shadow of the Matterhorn

Alexander Szabo
Nestled among the highest peaks in Europe, Zermatt, Switzerland, is a haven for anyone who’s ever dreamed of skiing through incredible natural scenery. That being said, this small Swiss village is so much more than...
Culture Destinations Europe Guide Slovakia Travel Tips

Bratislava | A Guide to Beauty on the Danube

Alexander Szabo
One of Bratislava’s many nicknames is the “Little Big City,” and with its hundreds of years of history and culture packed into such a small area, it’s easy to see why. Every inch of the...
Asia Culture Destinations Guide South Korea Travel Tips

Seoul | A Beginner’s Guide to the Vibrant Korean Capital

Alexander Szabo
It would be a shame to write off Seoul as simply another Asian mega city. While it is true the South Korean capital has historically been influenced by neighbors China and Japan, the Seoul that...
Culture Denmark Destinations Europe Food Guide

Copenhagen | A Guide to the Fascinating Danish Capital

Alexander Szabo
Standing at a crossroads between Scandinavia and central Europe, Copenhagen is a city that defies easy labels. Such defiance, however, is what makes the city such a fascinating place to visit. There are dozens of...
Asia Culture Destinations Guide Hotel Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu | Orangutans and Other Adventures in Borneo

Alexander Szabo
Located near the northernmost point of Borneo, the Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu is one of the premiere destinations the island has to offer. Beautiful, luxurious, and incredibly safe, the city plays home to some...
Americas Argentina Brazil Destinations Guide

Iguazu Falls | A Guide to South America’s Legendary Natural Wonder

Alexander Szabo
Often topping lists of places to visit in Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is such a beautiful natural phenomenon that it’s little wonder both countries try to claim it as their own. Upon seeing the...
Destinations Guide Oceania Travel Tips

Tasmania | A Guide to the Island at the Edge of the World

Alexander Szabo
The Australian mainland has no shortage of wilderness excursions, from venturing through the Outback to diving the Great Barrier Reef. These are solid options, to be sure, but if you’re looking to get away from...
Australia Culture Destinations Guide Oceania

Gold Coast | Australia’s Home for Fun in the Sun

Alexander Szabo
While there are plenty of wild places to visit in Australia – and many along its eastern shores –  sometimes it’s nice to have adventures a little closer to civilization. If you’re looking for a...