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Daniel Grenier
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All it took was five days exploring the mystical landscapes of Iceland to ignite Daniel’s adventurous spirit. The vacation days were slipping away into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, but it was too late. A career change was imminent! Quitting his job in Brooklyn, New York, Daniel was determined to spend a life on the road and in the sky seeing every beautiful destination imaginable on the planet. Turn the page one year later and he has trekked across the Canadian Rockies, discovered magic in the Scottish Highlands, and taken a dip into the serene waters of Greece. A newfound career as a freelance writer and travel blogger has only made his desire to discover the world’s wonders even stronger. Daniel’s passion for traveling stretches farther than just witnessing breathtaking natural phenomena. The chance to meet captivating locals, sample delectable cuisine, and interact with adorable pets abroad are everlasting memories he cherishes. His goal is to inspire the adventurer inside every soul by capturing gorgeous scenery, amazing food, vibrant city streets, and exhilarating activities. A handful of the countries sitting atop his bucket list include Norway, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and so much more. The journey does not stop until he has stepped foot in every country. Daniel and his girlfriend Shawna experience much joy traveling the world, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and taking care of loveable pets.

Discover English Culture in Liverpool

Daniel Grenier
Famous for its popular football squad and being the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool has a plethora of activities to offer. A cultural hub of museums, art galleries, and historical gems, this legendary port city...
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Bergen – The Perfect Destination to Discover Norway

Daniel Grenier
Bergen is often the ideal launching pad to explore the magical fjords of Norway’s scenic landscape. Although the incredible natural wonders of Norway are among the most breathtaking in the world, the beautiful city of...
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Latvia – A Fascinating Baltic Getaway

Daniel Grenier
Perched along the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a country filled with enthralling city and nature escapes that are often scratched off European travel itineraries. Such a shame it would be to cross off one of...
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The Grand Canyon – One of the Wonders of the World

Daniel Grenier
Situated in the state of Arizona, the 277-mile long Grand Canyon is one of the most majestic sights in the United States. Jaw-dropping views of the massive fissure in the Earth and the hike of...
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Gothenburg (Göteborg) | A Charming Scandinavian Getaway

Daniel Grenier
Sweden’s second city is a chilled out port destination filled with good times along the country’s western coast. Lined with charming canals and rocky islands along the shore, an aquatic getaway is always near. Cast...
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The Great Smoky Mountains

Daniel Grenier
Straddling the states of Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains drew in over 11 million visitors in 2018. The diverse landscape is one of the most versatile in North America teeming with beautiful...
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The Best Day Trips in Bavaria

Daniel Grenier
With the beautiful and vibrant city of Munich as your base, you are a short drive or train ride from many invigorating ways to spend the day. From the alluring peaks of the Alps to...
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Places to visit in Munich – The Capital of Bavaria

Daniel Grenier
Munich is synonymous with the rowdy crowds at Oktoberfest, massive beer gardens, and mesmerizing Baroque-style churches. When you climb up the stairwell after a ride on the U-Bahn, you are swept away in Bavarian culture....
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Best Places To Visit In The Scenic English Countryside

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England is a riveting country with fascinating cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool, but it is also a fantastic place to escape the urban noise. Travelers in search of serenity will find some of...