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Australia | An Overview of the Land Down Under

Boomerangs. Kangaroos. The Outback. The way Australia is often portrayed makes it seem like sort of outlaw country situated on the edge of civilization. And while this might have technically been true when the country was founded, modern Australia is a far cry from such caricatures. Most of the big coastal cities have a sense of history and refinement, complete with top notch attractions, fantastic cuisine, and some of the most relaxing beaches you’ll ever visit. Australia does have its wild side for the more adventurous minds out there, though such excursions don’t ever require you to leave the city for too long. Unless, that is, you’re heading to the Outback. In that case, you should be sure you’re fully prepared. You can start your prep with one of our guides below, where we’ll help you explore some of the best things to do in Australia.

Header photo by Jason H on Unsplash

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