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Rovinj | Gem of Istria, one of the best places to visit in Croatia

Omar Conzato
Croatia boasts an incredible 1777 km of uninterrupted mainland coastline. This length more than doubles when counting the coastline of the additional 1200 plus islands and archipelagos off the coast. The Dalmatian coast ranks as...
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Nonza | The black beach of Corsica

Omar Conzato
Corsica is a land of strong contrasts. Although nominally part of France, don’t dare call these islanders French and although more culturally similar to Italians, at most they feel more connected to the more isolated...
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Summer Vibes: Cheapest Party Capitals in Europe

Milica Jaric
European capitals are well known for their history and unique architecture. Some of them are tourists’ favorites, like Paris and London, but our focus is on the cheaper and highly entertaining places. Here’s a quick...