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Discovering Bruges, the pearl of Flanders

Omar Conzato
Belgium as a country often doesn’t get the praise it deserves. This small country locked between France, Germany and the Netherlands has to contend with some touristic heavy hitters and is often the butt of...
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Latvia – A Fascinating Baltic Getaway

Daniel Grenier
Perched along the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a country filled with enthralling city and nature escapes that are often scratched off European travel itineraries. Such a shame it would be to cross off one of...
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7 Days in Normandy Part 2 Caen-Bayeux-Vierville sur Mere-Mont St Michel

Omar Conzato
Our journey through Normandy continues. Moving westwards from Honfleur we arrive at the capital of the Calvados department: Caen. The city is a provincial hub, most famous culturally for its bond with William the Conqueror,...
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24 Hours in Leuven: University City You Will Fall in Love With

Milica Jaric
My trip to Leuven was brief and impromptu. Although I barely slept, I can without a doubt say that I would move there in a heartbeat. Belgium is well known for its standard and marvelous...