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Alexander Szabo is an American writer currently based in Indiana. Ever since he visited the jungles of Peru as a child, he's been enamored with traveling abroad and seeing everything that the world has to offer. Now that he's grown, he has done his best to realize that dream, traveling to 35 countries and living in four (not counting his home country - the United States). No matter where he goes, he always finds warm people, beautiful locales, and plenty of adventure. For him, that's plenty of reason to keep on exploring. As a budget traveler in his twenties, Alex tends to gravitate toward destinations that give you the most bang for your buck. He also loves traveling to places with jaw-dropping landscapes and astounding natural splendor. Maybe it's due to growing up in the relatively flat Midwestern state of Indiana, but Alex is particularly drawn to coasts, mountains, and rainforests. Not that that's a bad thing - he loves every minute of it! You'll find that Alex tends to write guides to destinations around Asia, where he's spent 7 years of his life, as well as other far flung locations like Australia and South America. He hopes you'll find them helpful in planning adventures of your own. Who knows? Perhaps he'll see you on his next trip!
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Stowe Mountain | A Perfect Winter Getaway in the Heart of New England

Alexander Szabo
These days, the New England skiing scene is often overshadowed by the giant resorts and vast spaces out west. It shouldn’t be. While the resorts out west are certainly thrilling, Vermont ski resorts have a...
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Big Sky | A Winter Haven in a Vast Wilderness

Alexander Szabo
American ski resorts have always been the wilder cousins to their European counterparts, and nowhere exemplifies this better than Montana’s Big Sky. Located just outside Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky is the premiere ski resort...
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Yllas | Lapland Under the Northern Lights

Alexander Szabo
Charming and remote, Yllas is more than just another ski resort area; it’s a window into an often unseen part of Finnish culture. Beloved by Finns and tourists alike, Yllas offers your standard skiing options...
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Whistler | Skiing in Olympic Backcountry

Alexander Szabo
Just north of Vancouver sits a beautiful ski resort in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Don’t let Whistler’s rustic sensibilities fool you, though – this backcountry ski haven hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Since...
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Telluride | The Best Ski Resort in the World?

Alexander Szabo
Located in the heart of the American West, Telluride once beckoned to prospectors and fortune seekers seeking to strike it rich in the town’s gold and silver mines. Nowadays the town attracts a different crowd...
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Barcelona | 10 Adventures in the Capital of Catalonia

Alexander Szabo
More than just the economic capital of the Catalonia province, Barcelona is a cultural hub like no other. With an artistic heritage most cities could only dream of, it should come as little surprise that...
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Toulouse | The 10 Best Adventures the Pink City Has to Offer

Alexander Szabo
Famous for lavender and warm smiles, Toulouse earned its “Pink City” moniker thanks to the many red-bricked buildings that fill the culturally rich and vibrant city. While the stunning architecture is reason enough for this...
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Stratford-Upon-Avon | Exploring the Heart of Shakespeare Country

Alexander Szabo
A place of pilgrimage for fans of the Bard, Stratford-Upon-Avon is a village with one foot in the present and one in the past. Though it is home to a wondrous mix of architectural styles...