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About Us

Who We Are

Spottico is a digital publication for those in love with all things travel. We are your go-to source for inspiring, informative content for the world’s most coveted and under-the-radar destinations. Our dedicated team of writers delve into their favourite places to bring you destination guides, travel ideas, tips for your vacation, hotel recommendations and local foods to try. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to ease your travels with valuable insight to the world’s best destinations. With the help of worldly travellers on the ground, we offer tricks for booking hotel rooms, money saving tips and how to find hidden gems. We want our readers to become a part of our passionate travel community to share their favourite memories from exploring all parts of the globe. 

Uncover the World

Spottico is a global publication for those interested in travel, luxury trips, budget destinations and travel tips. We deliver informational, thought-provoking travel guides and personal stories that unlock every reader’s adventurous spirit. Our posts explore all aspects of travel and ensure you have the necessary resources to discover the world’s treasures.

Our creative and graphics teams intertwine compelling content and awe-inspiring photographs to spotlight each destination. 

Our Inspiration

The founders of Spottico are dedicated to bringing travellers closer together in today’s technology-driven world. Every place has something special to offer and many times the best local spots go undiscovered. 

What better way to uncover all the local spots than to have worldly travellers of all backgrounds share their personal stories? With a growing travel community, Spottico wishes to find all the best local spots to eat, drink, sleep and more.

By connecting travellers in one community, Spottico wishes to help everyone experience their chosen destination as a local.  

Our Magazine

What information can you find on Spottico Travel Magazine?

  • Destination guides to cities, villages, islands, resorts, parks, regions and countries from all over the world
  • Travel roundups from our team’s favourite places they have personally visited
  • Travel tips from insiders dedicated to ease your planning for your next vacation
  • The latest travel news so you are well prepared for your upcoming trip
  • Our image gallery from the world’s most inspirational destinations

Lodging and restaurant recommendations for travellers of all budgets

Our Team

The Spottico team is a tight-knit, enthusiastic group of wanderlusters from all parts of the world. Our diverse team of travel writers includes thrill seekers, foodies, history buffs and culture vultures from North America, Europe, Oceania and beyond. Each member possesses an explorer’s spirit relishing to witness life’s newest discoveries.

Spottico also has a committed staff working feverishly behind the scenes to present the world’s greatest destinations to its audience. The in-house team works in tandem with writers on the ground to present reliable, captivating information on all Spottico media outlets. 

Contribute Your Travel Story

Have an exciting tale you wish to share with the travel community?

Then, Spottico wants to hear from you and share your insight with our growing travel community. We are accepting story submissions from those who love travelling the world and tapping into the adventurous soul of others. Send us your captivating stories along with photographs for the chance to have your passion for travel published in Spottico’s digital magazine. 

Spottico Submission Guidelines:

Before submitting your article, please take the time to review our style of writing and do not send pieces for destinations we have already covered. If you have a different angle for a previously covered destination, please pitch your story idea.

We want informative, inspiring and unique articles that convey intimate details of your chosen destination. What tips and activities are not in regular guidebooks, what are the locals like and what makes the destination stand out from others? 

Spottico is always looking to add travel writers, photographers and influencers to join our team. 

  • Submitted articles must contain 1,000+ words
  • Include at least 3 HD images

Please submit any stories to either or 

Work With Us

We are a growing publication continuously expanding our influence in the travel community. Even though we are a fresh magazine, we are committed to exploring every single spot on our planet. In order to reach every corner of the globe, we seek partnerships with establishments looking to share their expertise to our travel community. 

We wish to collaborate with hotels/hostels, restaurants, travel item manufacturers, tour companies and provide beneficial reviews. By presenting your knowledge and passion to our audience, we hope to inspire them to uncover the world. 

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Spottico Growth Story

Since the magazine’s founding in 2019, Spottico has witnessed a phenomenal increase in readership and is quickly making its mark on the travel community. Spottico travel guides receive hundreds of views and have covered countries from North America, Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa and Asia. 

The organic growth of Spottico’s audience has earned the digital magazine a spot on Feedspot’s Top 20 Travel Magazines & Publications to Follow in 2020.