France occupies the top spot in the field of tourism with a whopping 89 million annual visitors (and this doesn’t even count domestic tourism). This proud nation invokes an array of different sentiments and emotions. The cultural, natural, culinary and linguistic variety are almost unparalleled and it’s history has often been synonymous with the history of continental Europe as a trend-setter and beacon of sophistication and enlightenment. From the wine countries of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne to the exclusivity of Cotè Azure and Provence in the south all the way up to breathtaking Normandy and Bretony in the north passing through the alpha city that is Paris (the most visited city in the world). France has so much almost too much to offer.

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Toulouse | The 10 Best Adventures the Pink City Has to Offer

Alexander Szabo
Famous for lavender and warm smiles, Toulouse earned its “Pink City” moniker thanks to the many red-bricked buildings that fill the culturally rich and vibrant city. While the stunning architecture is reason enough for this...
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Nonza | The black beach of Corsica

Omar Conzato
Corsica is a land of strong contrasts. Although nominally part of France, don’t dare call these islanders French and although more culturally similar to Italians, at most they feel more connected to the more isolated...
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7 Days in Normandy Part 2 Caen-Bayeux-Vierville sur Mere-Mont St Michel

Omar Conzato
Our journey through Normandy continues. Moving westwards from Honfleur we arrive at the capital of the Calvados department: Caen. The city is a provincial hub, most famous culturally for its bond with William the Conqueror,...
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7 days in Normandy Part 1, Rouen to Honfleurs

Omar Conzato
We start our journey through northern France in Rouen, the region’s capital. Direct flights to Normandy’s two main airports in Rouen and Caen can be a bit pricy, so we advise Beauvais-Paris airport, about an...