With over 60 million visitors a year, Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. The nation boasts the most UNESCO World Heritages Sites of any country, stretching from the Roman Empire through to the Renaissance period.

Cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples and Venice are just some of the most iconic, each with their unique attractions, architectures, fashions, culture and very importantly food. Culinary traditions are a part of life in Italy, and change incredibly from region to region: Foods to try in Italy include: Neapolitan pizza, pasta and lasagna from Bologna all the way to nationwide gelato.

Other places to visit are the uncountable charming villages and towns. From quaint alpine villages in the north, to the hillside hamlets in the center to beachside towns surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in the south, there are almost too many things to see and do: Skiing in the Alps, wine tasting in Tuscany or visiting archaeological sites in Pompeii. Italy has something to experience for everyone.

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The Secrets of Turin, Esoteric capital of Italy

Omar Conzato
With so many iconic destinations to choose from in the Belpaese, it’s only natural that some cities, regions and locations get way more attention than others. Turin is one such destination and definitely one of...
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Alberobello and the Trulli

Omar Conzato
Apulia is the region in Southern Italy that occupies the heel of the peninsula. It is known for the dazzling blue sea of the Salento, the rugged white cliffs of the Gargano and the interior...
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A “brief” guide for a day in Venice

Omar Conzato
There is no place quite like Venice. Built on 118 small islands, divided in six districts (called sestieri) its very existence is a testament to human ingenuity. This thousand year old floating city has uncountable...
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Summer Hiking in the Dolomites

Omar Conzato
During the summer it’s normal for tourists to choose the beaches or a even cruise to escape the heat, but a mountain retreat can be just as refreshing. The Alps are definitely the top choice...
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An Unforgettable Trip to Rome

Daniel Grenier
Ahh Rome! The epicenter of the Ancient Roman Empire has captivated the hearts of millions of people in its near 3,000 year history. From astonishing ruins and magnificent churches to inspirational artwork and delicious cuisine,...
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Tropea | The pearl of Calabria

Omar Conzato
For the uninitiated, Tropea is one of the most stunning locations in a region that boasts some of the most beautiful countrysides and best beaches in Italy. The town has an ancient history. It was...
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Why Trieste Should Be On Your Bucket List

Milica Jaric
Just 15 minutes away from the Slovenian border, less than two hours from Venice, on the Coast of The Adriatic Sea, lies a hidden Italian gem, Trieste. This town may not be your first thought...
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Narni | Real-life Narnia in Italy

Omar Conzato
The story goes that when a colleague of C.S Lewis asked where he had come up with the name for his imaginary world in the wardrobe, the author showed him an atlas of ancient Italy...
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Who says you can’t have a luxury travel experience on a budget? These two destinations will prove them wrong

Daniel Stanojkovski
People travel for many reasons, and these reasons differ from one person to another. While some people travel to fulfill their undying love for it, others travel to inculcate foreign cultures and ideas. Regardless, traveling...
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Bassano del Grappa | Veneto’s Best-Kept Secret

Omar Conzato
What is Grappa? What does one think of when this word is uttered? Simply put it is a grape-based spirit drink, made via a painstaking process from pomace (the residue of grapes after they are...