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Why Trieste Should Be On Your Bucket List

Milica Jaric
Just 15 minutes away from the Slovenian border, less than two hours from Venice, on the Coast of The Adriatic Sea, lies a hidden Italian gem, Trieste. This town may not be your first thought...
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Discovering Ancient Thailand’s City Ayutthaya

Milica Jaric
It used to be the most beautiful city on the planet. Now, Ayutthaya is one of the best archaeological and historical cities...
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Summer Vibes: Cheapest Party Capitals in Europe

Milica Jaric
European capitals are well known for their history and unique architecture. Some of them are tourists’ favorites, like Paris and London, but our focus is on the cheaper and highly entertaining places. Here’s a quick...
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The New York Café in Budapest is a Piece of History and Art

Milica Jaric
Budapest is among a few overlooked European cities, despite fascinating architecture, rich history, and art. It should also be noted that this city is relatively cheap and safer than many other places on the old...