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things to do in zaragoza

Discovering Beautiful Zaragoza

The fifth largest city in Spain with over 700.000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area. Capital of the province of Aragon (and the millenary kingdom that bore its name). The city is a centre of Spanish culture, underlined by the plethora of UNESCO heritage sites scattered around the old...

Cape verde islands

Discovering Cape Verde

600km off the coast of Western Africa, isolated for centuries from the rest of the world lies Cape Verde, an archipelago as enchanting as it is unique. This chain of islands, part of the Macaronesian region (which includes the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores) were virtually unknown...

Things to do in Myanmar

5 Places to visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is the largest country in South-East Asia but one of the least visited in the region. Its obscurity as a travelling destination is due to the nations frequently unstable political situation. The country has experienced the longest civil war in the world with ethnic conflict still...