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Escape to the Tropical Paradise of Maui

The glorious island of Maui is Heaven on Earth for travelers across the globe!

With sprawling coastlines, majestic waterfalls and rugged mountains, Maui’s breathtaking landscapes create everlasting adventures.

Nevertheless, this Hawaiian nirvana caters to all interests and has something unique to offer every type of traveler. From those seeking thrills of a lifetime to an escape from reality, Maui has it all!

Get a taste of the spectacular sights in this blissful tropical getaway!

Cruise Down the Road to Hana

Photo By: nlang06 at Pixabay

The 64.4-mile scenic route along the eastern side of Maui is among the world’s most jaw-dropping drives! Road to Hana is one of the must things to do in Maui!

Feast your eyes on pristine waterfalls, mystical shorelines, and majestic valleys along this serpentine path. Discover breathtaking views at every turn and be prepared to make plenty of stops.

Some of the most iconic stops on this dramatic drive include the Ho’okipa lookout, Upper Waikani Falls and Koki Beach.

Behold the Black Sands of Waianapanapa State Park

Waianapanapa State Park, Maui black sand beach

An absolute must-see spectacle along the Road to Hana is this picturesque park. Veer off the route and witness Mother Nature’s craftsmanship along the glistening black-sand shores of Pailoa. The lush greenery surrounding the black sand beach creates a tropical fairytale you have to see to believe!

But that’s not all you will find inside the park! Venture beyond the volcanic sands and discover the enchanting freshwater caves which the park gets its name.

Afterwards, trek along the coastal hiking trail for imagery of unbelievable coves and craggy sea cliffs.

How to Get There: Around the halfway point of the Road to Hana, turn onto Honokalani Road to reach the park.

Ride the Waves of the Pacific

“USA Hawaii Maui, Honolua Bay, surfing.”

Could there be a better place on Earth to hang ten? The endless waves and magnificent natural surroundings create nirvana for surfers. With miles of gorgeous shorelines, surfing in Maui and finding the perfect spot to catch the Big One is always an exciting adventure.

Head over to Ho’okipa Beach or Honolua Bay to experience two of the most legendary surfing hotspots on the island. Prepare to be surrounded by world-class surfers navigating the swells. Before grabbing your surfboard, ask the locals if the beach has any potential dangers such as fierce currents or sharks. 

Big Wave Surfing at Jaws Maui Hawaii

I must mention that during the summer months when the waves are not as gnarly Honolua Bay becomes a snorkeling site. Even though snorkeling in Oahu is one of the the best in the United States, Maui is more popular for sights of sea turtles. Book one of the plenty snorkel tour operators for a full or even a half-day adventure of dreams.

Explore Haleakala National Park

High up in the clouds of maui, haleakala crater, shows an otherworldly landscape of reds, oranges, browns and gray volcanic rock. haleakala national park.

Feel like you have stepped foot onto another planet when viewing the stunning Haleakala Crater. The sweeping views of the dormant volcano will take your breath away. Head to the towering mountain at the break of dawn for the most beautiful sunrise of your life.

Trek one of the exhilarating hiking trails for mind-blowing views of otherworldly landscapes and the clouds hovering in the sky. Tackle the Pipiwai trail to reach the tranquil Pools of ‘Ohe’o.

How to Get There: Start your drive from Kahului and head down Route 37 before veering onto Route 377. Turn onto Route 378 to reach the headquarters of the park.

Sprawl Out Along Kaanapali Beach

The Sun is going down with impressive colors in the sky – Maui, Hawaii

Once tired from all the surfing and adventures, most of the accommodations in Maui offer activities to keep you anything but bored. And if you are simply looking to relax under the sun and work on your tan, there is no better spot than Kaanapali Beach!

This mesmerizing strip of coastline is decorated by white and golden sands, turquoise waters and beautiful flora. Cool off with a dip in the refreshing waters and coast along the soothing waves.

For a more adventurous outing, join the fun at Puu Kekaa and dive off the rocky cliff. The spirited tradition is carried out every sunset and is a festive way to learn about the island’s history.

How to Get There: Drive along Route 30 and find the three-mile stretch of coastline just north of Lahaina. Public transportation is also available from Lahaina or Kapalua.

Header Image by Joseph Mohr from Pixabay