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A Stroll Through Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin is a vibrant city filled with history and modern flair. Visit one of the many historical buildings, national monuments, or invigorating museums that remember the tumultuous past that has left scars on the city.

It may seem like an impossible task to decide on what to do in this bustling capital, but here are some suggestions of sights you simply cannot miss on your trip to Berlin.

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The Berlin Wall

The remnants of the Cold War resonate throughout Berlin and the city is still recovering from decades of strife and division. Although the barrier that separated the city started to crumble in 1989, you can still see the last remaining stretches of it today.

One of the longest stretches of the wall left intact now contains the East Side Gallery which is beaming with hundreds of murals created by amazing artists. The colorful street art reflects those who struggled for decades to be reunited with their neighbors on the other side of the wall.

This emotional display is one of the first stops you have to make when walking the streets of Berlin.

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Kreuzberg District

The nearby vibrant Kruezberg neighborhood is a diverse, multicultural area with astounding street art around every corner, beautiful museums, and delicious street food from every corner of the globe. It all comes together in one of the hippest places in the entire city.

If you loved the murals of the East Side Gallery, you will be in awe of the graffiti crafted by local artists. Head down to the flourishing Turkish market where you can find all sorts of handmade goodies and sample tasty bites.

Do not leave without trying the currywurst!

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Brandenburg Gate

The most iconic image of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a breathtaking monument that dates back to the 18th century. The mesmerizing entrance to the city overlooking Unter den Linden has survived centuries of conflict including WWII.

The gate now serves as a symbol of peace and the city’s reunification since the ending of the Cold War. Many visitors flock to the gate to stare at its beauty and reflect on its meaning to the city.

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Reichstag Building

German flags soar high in the sky above the Reichstag which houses the Parliament of the country. You can enjoy marvelous views of the magnificent building from the outside lawn or take in 360 degree panoramic views of Berlin from inside the dome.

The Reichstag has undergone a transformation since its construction in 1894 but has always served as a symbol of German history.

The restoration of the building after the Cold War has revived the architectural beauty which can be enjoyed by locals and visitors from abroad.

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Beer from a Späti

A trip to Berlin is not complete without tasting an authentic German beer. The beer culture is astounding in Berlin and a trip to a späti (late-night corner store) is a convenient place to try a refreshing beer. Drinking freely on the streets may sound crazy to tourists visiting Berlin for the first time, but it is an experience not to be missed.

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