Ovride Specialty Coffee Timisoara

For the Best Coffee in Timisoara Try Ovride Cafe

Before I decided to dedicate the time to lovely Ovride Speciality Coffee place in Timisoara, I had to check out the experiences of others. It was no surprise to discover that this minimalistic place is among everyone’s favorites.

The small and unpretentious place offers the best coffee in town, baristas will gladly give you all the information about the coffee and other drinks, how to combine them, and what to have for a snack. The place is friendly, everyone’s English is great, but the best part is that you get the feeling that people are grateful you picked their place to have a break.

Now you might wonder where Timisoara is and why I chose this place. The Romanian city is not as famous as it should be, at least in my humble opinion. The city’s architecture alone is worth a visit. Somewhere between art nouveau and Habsburg era, you can find beautiful squares, especially in the Piata Traian area. You can also see the influences of great empires that ruled this place, like Hungarians and Ottomans. The history of this place is outstanding, and it ends in 1989 because this is the same place where the Romanian revolution started.

Austro-Hungarian legacy is to “blame” for distinctive taste in coffee and great dishes, and when you are done check out street art under the bridge, between the cathedral and the central park, at Strada Marasesti and in the streets around Piata Unirii.

Now that we got to know this city a bit more let’s get back to one of the best coffee places in the world. While the vintage feeling is present, the café is modern, and you could easily confuse it with some coffee shop in Paris or even somewhere in Denmark. It is never too crowded, and a relaxed atmosphere will make you want to enjoy your cup of joe. I am confident that this will impress even the ones with the highest coffee standards, like yours truly.

Asides from the prominent drink of choice, try banana bread, and just let yourself be in the moment.  It is not a fancy place, it is built with love, and it is clear that the owners found the people who share their passion. Ovride’s motto is “I don’t drink coffee to wake up, I wake up to drink coffee,” and it is ideally in sync with the whole experience. The prices are reasonably low; the entire town is not pricey, people are pleasant, so book your trip now!

Just remember: the place is closed on Mondays.

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