Places to visit in Edinburgh

Five Unmissable Sights of Edinburgh

Medieval castles, the sound of bagpipes, picturesque architecture, and kilts as far as the eye can see!

Scotland’s beautiful capital of Edinburgh has a characteristic charm that is impossible to match. Whether you wish to discover the secrets of Old Town or the elegance of New Town, Edinburgh is full of captivating gems.

The hardest part of exploring Edinburgh is deciding where to begin. Don’t worry, we got you covered the next time you wish to discover Scottish culture!

Begin your journey in Edinburgh with these five remarkable sights sure to take you on a magical ride!

The Grandiose Edinburgh Castle

Photo By: Fischb at Pixabay

Perched upon Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle has towered above the city since the 12th century. The illustrious castle has been the epicenter of Edinburgh for ages and is simply a must-visit.

The fortress is soaked in centuries of Scottish history and has endless stories to tell every visitor. For much of the Middle Ages, Edinburgh Castle served as the home of royalty. Later, its strategic position made it the perfect stronghold in numerous military conflicts.

From the top of Castle Rock, feast your eyes on the wonderful views of the city skyline and the countryside in the distance. Once inside, take in the incredible images of The Royal Apartments, The Great Hall, and annals of Scotland’s military history.

Waltz Through the Royal Mile

Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay

Ready to see more of Edinburgh’s astonishing history and glorious architecture?

This famous drag of Old Town will be a highlight you will want to do over and over again. Starting at the aforementioned Edinburgh Castle, take in the views of the most iconic structures of medieval Edinburgh.

St Giles’ Cathedral has been one of the religious centerpieces of the city since the 12th century and The Real Mary King’s Close gives a glimpse into Edinburgh’s eerie past.

As you meander down the cobblestone-laced paths, continue to find hidden corners that each have their own story to tell.

Hike to Arthur’s Seat

Photo By: DesignFife on Pixabay

Nature lovers will be equally enthralled with the adventurous treks on the city’s doorstep!

A highly recommended excursion to spend the day is ascending to the top of this magnificent peak at Holyrood Park. The final destination of your promenade through the Royal Mile is the illustrious Holyrood Palace and its neighboring park offers sweeping views of the city.

The craggy overlook of Arthur’s Seat is actually a prehistoric volcano and explorers will be mesmerized by its enchanting surroundings.

A perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life or enjoy a peaceful picnic.

Marvel at the Sensational Scott Monument

Image by Ric Brannan from Pixabay

Sir Walter Scott is one of the most celebrated writers ever to hail from Scotland and this iconic Gothic-style memorial honors his talent.

A fierce competition was held shortly after his death to determine who could create the most lavish design.

Today, the alluring structure continues to dazzle tourists and locals alike and is one of the most recognizable architectural masterpieces of Edinburgh.

Pay a visit to the monument to learn the history behind the literary genius and his influence on other creative minds.

Have a Dram at The Scotch Whisky Experience

When in Scotland, you will be surrounded by hundreds of the finest brands of whisky anywhere in the world. After all, the golden nectar is the country’s most popular export.

A top-notch place to sample the best whisky from all regions of the country is The Scotch Whisky Experience. Located in the heart of Old Town and only minutes away from Edinburgh Castle, you will be in whisky heaven upon entrance.

Learn how the famous drink has shaped Scottish culture and taste the distinct quality of each blend.

You are guaranteed to find the dram just right for you!

Header Image by ant2506 at Pixabay