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Gold Coast | Australia’s Home for Fun in the Sun

Alexander Szabo
While there are plenty of wild places to visit in Australia – and many along its eastern shores –  sometimes it’s nice to have adventures a little closer to civilization. If you’re looking for a...
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Australia | An Overview of the Land Down Under

Alexander Szabo
Boomerangs. Kangaroos. The Outback. The way Australia is often portrayed makes it seem like sort of outlaw country situated on the edge of civilization. And while this might have technically been true when the country...
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Brisbane | Cuddling with Koalas and Other Wildlife Adventures

Alexander Szabo
Nestled comfortably along the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane is often overlooked as a tourist destination in favor of the Great Barrier Reef to the north and Sydney and Melbourne to the South. Put simply, it shouldn’t...
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Sydney | A Guide to the City’s Iconic Harborfront

Alexander Szabo
Australia’s largest city has matured into a sophisticated tourism destination over the years, and with its great climate and mix of people, it’s not hard to see why. Full of fascinating history, intriguing architecture, and...
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Cairns | Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Alexander Szabo
No journey to Australia is complete without a visit to the largest barrier reef in the world, and that in turn means no journey to Australia is complete without first stopping in Cairns. While the...