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Iguazu Falls | A Guide to South America’s Legendary Natural Wonder

Alexander Szabo
Often topping lists of places to visit in Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is such a beautiful natural phenomenon that it’s little wonder both countries try to claim it as their own. Upon seeing the...
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Galapagos Islands | A View to Nature as Darwin Saw It

Alexander Szabo
Though the Galapagos first appeared on the global map thanks to Charles Darwin, the naturalist’s work is far from the only reason to visit these isolated islands. A quirky geological history has led to the...
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5 Must See Sights in Peru (That are Not Machu Picchu)

Daniel Grenier
Every day my social media feed is flooded with advertisements and videos featuring the mystical Incan city. Machu Picchu has put Peru on the map and the number of people around the world wishing to...