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A “brief” guide for a day in Venice

Omar Conzato
There is no place quite like Venice. Built on 118 small islands, divided in six districts (called sestieri) its very existence is a testament to human ingenuity. This thousand year old floating city has uncountable...
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Why Trieste Should Be On Your Bucket List

Milica Jaric
Just 15 minutes away from the Slovenian border, less than two hours from Venice, on the Coast of The Adriatic Sea, lies a hidden Italian gem, Trieste. This town may not be your first thought...
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Bassano del Grappa | Veneto’s Best-Kept Secret

Omar Conzato
What is Grappa? What does one think of when this word is uttered? Simply put it is a grape-based spirit drink, made via a painstaking process from pomace (the residue of grapes after they are...