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Best Ways to Keep the Traveling Memories Alive

When we travel, we often fall in love with people and places, but once we are back to real life, we tend to forget our memories, despite doing our best to remember certain smells or feelings. Make small adjustments and enjoy every moment, with the little help from Spottico. How to keep all the traveling adventures? Let’s make a list!

First, do not trust social networks. Very few people will share the most intimate and precious moments, plus your accounts can easily be hacked or closed. If you do post on social media, don’t do it in real time, we learned that from the scary robbery of Kim Kardashian. Use a camera, not just your phone. If you only use the phone, back up the photos.

Write or use a diary app for special moments. Keep the memories alive by giving yourself a full report before going to bed. Maybe record them on the cell and later, when you are home, write them down in a diary.
Buy postcards and small souvenirs for yourself, not just for your loved ones at home. Tune in all your senses, so maybe buy some essential oils that remind you of that place. Our minds are magnificent; it takes a smell or an object to trigger some of the best memories we have, so instead of going overboard and buying useless stuff, focus on what that place has to offer.

Set a particular place at your favorite room for all the traveling items. That way you can put all the adventures on display, maybe on a wall or on a shelf. Even a minimalistic home will get a unique charm with some attractive decorations. The particular corner will remind you of the good times and give you inspiration for the next city or country to explore. Keeping the things that bring you joy is going to give your home warmth and improve your mood.

Learn how to pack like a pro, because if the one thing can wear you down, it is all the preparation. Don’t just pack your best clothes, pick those things you will need, and you will feel most comfortable in. Even if it’s a business trip, go for comfort and try to find the time to explore the area.

Be in the moment. Don’t spend time on social networks, don’t even read the papers, try to soak up the culture and be present while exploring a city or a mountain, river, seaside. It doesn’t matter if you are in a fancy resort or the cheapest motel, as long you are aware that you are in a great place you always wanted to visit and who knows if you will be able to get back.

Forget your usual diet and try the traditional dishes and be friendly with the locals. Instead of posting selfies, Instagram unique cuisines and beverages – be open to the new experiences, creative and let yourself feel like the citizen of the world.

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