Best places in Munich

Places to visit in Munich – The Capital of Bavaria

Munich is synonymous with the rowdy crowds at Oktoberfest, massive beer gardens, and mesmerizing Baroque-style churches. When you climb up the stairwell after a ride on the U-Bahn, you are swept away in Bavarian culture.

The elegant architecture, bike-friendly streets, and wide-open green spaces are made to be explored by every type of traveler. From history buffs to nature lovers, Munich is a city that has an adventure for everyone.

After a few days wandering the streets of Munich, here are my top activities that simply cannot be missed! And for the best day trips from Munich read in my next post.

1. Englischer Garten

One of the largest urban parks in the world that seems to be a never-ending maze, this gigantic inter-city natural wonder was devised in the late 18th century and was made for all residents of Munich to enjoy. Go for a stroll or a scenic bike ride through the park to enjoy the greenery and flora on a sunny day.

What truly makes this park stand out is the man-made streams that flow through the playgrounds and magnificent gardens. Swimmers can take a dip to cool off and surfers can practice their skills where the current is at its strongest.

The park is teeming with cultural influence from abroad with the wooden Chinese Tower and enchanting Japanese teahouse. You will find endless places to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink to enjoy the city’s natural beauty.

2. Hofbräuhaus

Time to taste Bavarian culture! A visit to Munich’s oldest beer garden is a must to sample some of Germany’s delicious cuisine. And of course, you have to quench your thirst with a liter of beer served in a glass mug!

You can stay indoors and admire the artwork on the walls and ceiling while the band plays traditional Bavarian music. If the weather is nice, head outside to the Wirtsgarten and take in the vibrant atmosphere.

From a salty pretzel, savory bratwurst or flaky schnitzel, try some of Bavaria’s finest gastronomic specialties in an iconic setting.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay 

3. Olympiapark

Munich may have hosted the Olympics over 40 years ago but the park built for the international festivities has been beautifully preserved for locals and tourists. The area is still a gathering place for a diverse array of cultural and religious functions.

Olympic Stadium is an architectural masterpiece that has hosted numerous sporting events and cultural activities. Surrounding the stadium, you will see tons of recreational facilities utilized for dozens of sports.

The wide open green spaces of the park create the ideal atmosphere for a summer picnic or an invigorating hike.

Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay 

4. Marienplatz

Normally, the first sight to welcome Munich visitors off the U-Bahn is the jaw-dropping architectural craftsmanship of the Neues Rathaus. This remarkable 19th century neo-gothic styled structure houses the city government and overlooks the bustling activities below.

For centuries, the streets of the square have hosted some of the most captivating markets in town. Today, Marienplatz is filled with numerous shops and restaurants that receive many daily visitors.

Image by Christoph Müller from Pixabay 

5. Asam Church

The most mesmerizing of Munich’s churches, Asam Church was constructed in the mid-18th century by sculptor Egid Quirin Asam and painter Cosmas Damian Asam.

The Baroque church is wedged in between two other buildings but you get a sneak peak of the spectacular artwork at the door. When you walk inside, you will be surrounded by incredibly detailed sculptures along the walls and masterful paintings on the ceiling.

The sunlight shimmers through the circular-shaped glass above the altar which creates a radiant glow inside the church.  

One of the finest examples of Munich’s breathtaking architectural scenery!

Image by RitaE from Pixabay 

Featured Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay 

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