Hvar: Parties and Luxurious Eco-Concious Vacation For All Generations

Hvar: Parties and Luxurious Eco-Concious Vacation For All Generations

During the past decade, Adriatic Sea regained its popularity, and one of the most beautiful places is Hvar, an island on the Croatian coast. Hvar is a unique fusion of history, luxury, and Mediterranean spirit. If you want an active vacation, this is the place to visit.

Beautiful beaches, outstanding Blue Cave, wine tasting tours, untouched nature, and fortresses will keep you up during the day, while numerous cafes and clubs are going to give you the night to remember. While you can choose private accommodations, my pick is Little Bay Hotel, because it gives you a sense of intimacy while being eco-conscious.

It is not your typical hotel: first, it used to be an old village house, so from the entrance, you get to feel the energy and atmosphere of the island. It is a few steps away from the sea, hidden in the Mediterranean gardens. The food is out of this world, from traditional to vegan and gluten-free meals. The focus is on living your best life in sync with nature, so the hotel grows some of the foods itself. And it doesn’t stop there: the linen sheets, straws made from wood or glass, organic foods, mini spa, and hammocks basically just over the sea will give you a chance to regain your energy and enjoy every second of your stay.


Hvar, part of Dalmatia, is a busy island, popular among A list celebrities. However, the lavender fields and history that goes back to the XIII century, make this place a unique choice for a vacation at any age. It is also never too crowded, it would take away the mystery, and it is essential for the locals to keep Hvar in tune with nature as much as possible. Still, beach parties are a fantastic experience, even Prince Harry thinks so. Despite all the tourists, the island, especially town Hvar look clean and untouched until the next season.

Since I picked the best hotel, at least for nature lovers, let’s check out some clubs. First, there is Veneranda bar situated within the walls of a former monastery, with a pool and dance floor. Watching the sunrise from this place is going to make you feel like you are on another planet.

Carpe Diem is a wild place for cocktail lovers, party people and if you like this place, take a taxi boat and get to Carpe Diem Beach. You can play volleyball or party, swim in the pool or hang out with people from all over the world. It is important to be noted that parties in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Slovenia are entirely and utterly different from everything you’ve seen. There is nothing freaky about them; the whole atmosphere is so positive and so vivid that it will shift your mood in the best possible way.

Locals speak English, some also Italian and German, they are very friendly, helpful and the only thing you should avoid is talking about politics. But even if you do, nothing will happen, because this part of the world has had its share of sadness and people have moved on to better things.

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