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The New York Café in Budapest is a Piece of History and Art

Budapest is among a few overlooked European cities, despite fascinating architecture, rich history, and art. It should also be noted that this city is relatively cheap and safer than many other places on the old continent. So, if you cannot figure what to do in Budapest, start with a desert and don’t miss the mesmerizing, glamorous New York cafe Budapest in the very heart of Hungarian Capital.

The café dates back to late 1800s, and despite some tragic events, it kept the same charm and décor that will take you back to the past in a heartbeat. Surrounded by gold and paintings, you will enjoy live classical music pieces. Although it is called café, the place is vast and always full, so make sure you make reservations. You can order traditional goulash or New York burger, sorbet, beer, and it is nothing like the small, minimalistic cafes we all got used to. This place is so lively, so vivid, so full of life, so it’s no wonder many call it the most beautiful café in Europe.

Back in the day, this was the place where artists would come to create their magic.  Mihály Babits, Géza Gárdonyi, Frigyes Karinthy, Dezső Kosztolányi, were all among the respected visitors, which only makes this café’s history more interesting. The annual New York Artist Lodge series is a reminder that New York Café still proudly supports writers and poets. It is interesting that this pricey, high-end place had a special menu for the artists, since they weren’t as rich as the other guests, yet they gave life to it.

As mentioned, this place is pricey not just for Budapest, but for much more expensive cities, yet it is worth every penny. It takes you back into XIX century, so you are paying for the experience, ambient, portion of world history. There’s no denying that the food is excellent and you should give traditional meals a try, but the menu offers various cuisines from all over the world, and you can try some of the famous Hungarian beers as well. It is all served in a very traditional, old fashioned manner, so if you are on a date, take afternoon tea or Franz Joseph coffee for two, it looks very romantic and elegant.

Some majestic touches make this place unique. From postcards, which you can send to the loved ones to frescos and marble columns it’s incredible to see that this old building is so famous, yet it just takes you to some simpler times. It is a place that’s included in historical tours of the city and definitely one of the must visit places. It is Italian Renaissance meets the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Glorious and one of a kind, it is a place you cannot afford to miss if you enjoy remarkable experiences.

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