Want to actualize your dream adventure? Here are the Four major “DON’Ts” of planning a successful trip

In life, there are many “Dos and Don’ts” set down to help achieve success in all our endeavors-including traveling. But most times, travelers and Globetrotters are only concerned with the “Dos” and totally neglect the “Don’ts,” which is just as equally important.

Because of this, many of them end up wasting their money, time and miss out on an enjoyable traveling experience.

While it is good to have prior knowledge of everything that you need to do before you travel, you should also know what to avoid to make your trip an enjoyable one all-through.

The truth is many old travel tips are outdated and no longer hold sway in the current digital age. You have to swim with the tide of technology and follow the best travel practices to avoid making regrettable mistakes.

The “DON’TS” of a memorable overseas travel-even for a newbie

Here is a basic list of some popular travel mistakes that you should avoid when preparing for a trip.

DON’T forget to check the passport requirements for your destination country

To avoid complications and embarrassment, it is important to know the local passport requirements for your destination before you travel. Certain countries like China and Russia demand that your passport validity period must exceed 180 days after your return flight.

DON’T book everything online or through an agent: A little flexibility does not hurt anybody

Booking your hotel, meal, and all other travel needs seem like the right thing to do for most travelers. But it sure does kill the glamour that comes with traveling to a new location for the first time. Getting some basic travel needs at your destination creates room for seamless integration with the new environment.

DON’T convert your money to your destination’s local currency at the airport.

Converting your money at the airport is never a good idea. The exchange rates are always unfavorable and come at a rip-off rate. The only time you should ever consider exchanging at the airport is during an emergency; otherwise, it’s a no-no.

DON’T underestimate the travel expenses

Let’s face it: you are heading to a new destination, and the prices will definitely be on the upside. You should have a strong financial plan that will prepare you for impromptu spendings and prepare to spend double the actual price.

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