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A “brief” guide for a day in Venice

Omar Conzato
There is no place quite like Venice. Built on 118 small islands, divided in six districts (called sestieri) its very existence is a testament to human ingenuity. This thousand year old floating city has uncountable...
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The new ETIAS Process For Americans Traveling To Europe

Daniel Stanojkovski
As from 2021, US citizens looking to embark on a trip to Europe will have to undergo some preauthorization paperwork. As many European countries are preparing for the enactment of a new tracks security system,...
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Every US Citizens now require a new “Real ID” starting from October 2020

Daniel Stanojkovski
Starting from October 2020, US citizens will no longer be able to travel with their state-issued ID or driver’s license. It will become mandatory for all adults to present their Real ID-compliant driver’s license or...
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Want to actualize your dream adventure? Here are the Four major “DON’Ts” of planning a successful trip

Samuel Olarewaju
In life, there are many “Dos and Don’ts” set down to help achieve success in all our endeavors-including traveling. But most times, travelers and Globetrotters are only concerned with the “Dos” and totally neglect the...