Bali | The Ultimate Beach Destination

Few words capture the allure of a tropical island getaway quite like Bali. Despite the odds, the small Indonesian island largely manages to live up to the hype thanks to its relaxing vibes and countless activities to do around the island. For now, however, let’s focus on Bali’s top attraction: the beaches.

Getting There

Though Bali is an isolated island paradise, this paradise is surprisingly easy to get to, even if it can be a little on the expensive side (especially if you’re coming from the Western world). While your ultimate destination will be Denpasar International Airport, look for flights through hubs such as Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to try to bring the price down. Otherwise, plan your trip well in advance in order to get the best flight deals.

The flight to Bali will most likely be the most expensive part of your trip, so keep that in mind when planning your getaway. Bali has a visa free 30-day entry policy for most countries, so unless you’re planning on staying there longer than a month, it’s nothing you need to worry about.

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What hotel you choose to stay at should largely depend on what kind of activities you’d like to participate in during your stay. Those planning to spend their time as beach bums should find plenty of hotels to fit their needs. Within this range, there’s something for various budgets and needs.

Those seeking a more intimate, cultural, and affordable experience should consider something like Pemedal Beach Resort, complete with Balinese architecture and a small private beach from which to watch the best Bali sunsets or kick back with a beer. Opulence can be had at larger resorts like the Grand Hyatt Bali, where lazy rivers, pools, and bars dot a lush landscape that works its way down to the pristine beachfront.

A final option to consider is the all-inclusive villa route. While these are more expensive than the other options (take, for example, the Villa Kinaree Estate), consider that these getaways include fantastic private amenities and meals and leave you relaxing in the lap of true luxury. As such, a villa is at least worth considering in your hunt for the ultimate Bali experience.

Hitting the Beach

For many, the first sands you’ll want to dive into are the ones right outside your hotel, and rightfully so. Most of the private hotel beaches are well-maintained and incredibly relaxing. What’s more, many will offer various water sports, ranging from jet skis to parasailing to snorkeling, for an additional fee.

For those looking to expand their sandy horizons, however, Bali has plenty of beautiful public beaches on offer as well. For those looking for party central, look no further than Seminyak Beach, home to clubs, bars, and even bean bag chairs. A more traditional beach experience can be had at Nusa Dua Beach, a more family-friendly locale that is fantastic for anyone wanting to relax.

Still more beaches offer their own specialities. Balian Beach serves as a haven for surfers, and Blue Lagoon and Amed Beach each offer their own stunning diving and snorkeling experiences. While these beaches are no doubt highlights of any trip to Bali, countless more await, and there’s sure to be some amazing highlight of your own trip just waiting to be discovered along the sandy shores.

Header photo by Jarrad Horne on Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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