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Bergen – The Perfect Destination to Discover Norway

Bergen is often the ideal launching pad to explore the magical fjords of Norway’s scenic landscape. Although the incredible natural wonders of Norway are among the most breathtaking in the world, the beautiful city of Bergen is an equally enthralling sight to behold.

Colorful architecture, picturesque seaside scenery, and craggy hills provide travelers with a majestic panorama. Have the best of both worlds and get an inside look at one of Norway’s most spectacular cities.

Enjoy the Views from Mount Fløyen

No matter if you visit Bergen in winter or summer, riding the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen is one of the most stunning things to do in Bergen.

Take in the best views of the mountains in the distance or the city lights twinkling underneath the stars.

If you arrive during the winter, hunt for the Northern Lights for a once in a lifetime image.

How to Get There: Take the funicular at the Fløibanen lower station which is located a five minute walk from the fish market.

Take a Fjord Cruise

Image by stanbalik from Pixabay 

Once you have spotted the stunning fjords from the top of Bergen, you will be itching to get a closer look.

With Sognefjord to the north and Hardangerfjord to the south, you have endless possibilities on a Norwegian fjord cruise. Bergen offers trips of all kinds to the fjords but viewing the landscape on the water simply cannot be beaten.

The sharp peaks rising on both sides of the narrow strip of sapphire blue water will take your breath away. Likewise, the cozy villages perched alongside the rugged landscape create a picture perfect location to spend the day.

Miraculous glaciers, idyllic waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs highlight the epic views when you travel to any of Bergen’s neighboring fjords.

Meander Through Medieval Bryggen

Stroll through the narrow passageways of the most historic place in Bergen! This strategic port town in the Hanseatic League will give you a glimpse of the past with its wooden-framed buildings.

This iconic wharf from the Middle Ages has survived countless fires but has always risen from the ashes like a true phoenix.

Learn the history of this trading mecca and pick up some handmade crafts that celebrate Norwegian culture.

Sample Seafood at the Fish Market

Norway is one of the top destinations around the world for seafood. Undoubtedly, Bergen is the epicenter for mouthwatering treats ranging from oysters to shrimp.

The illustrious fish market has played a prominent part of life in Bergen since the Middle Ages. Here, you will find a vibrant atmosphere of locals searching for a delicious meal from the sea.

Wander around the stalls along the harbor and try some of the highest quality seafood you will ever have.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

Image by Andre van Weeghel from Pixabay 

Bergen is a thrill seeker’s paradise! From scenic hiking trails to invigorating bike paths, adventure lovers will adore Bergen.

Being surrounded by seven mountains makes Bergen a magnificent place to enjoy a scenic trek. The views of the landscape are unbeatable and you will feel rewarded by completing an invigorating physical challenge.

Hiking and biking are certainly not the only activities for nature enthusiasts! Glacier walks, fjord kayaking, rock climbing, and paragliding are among the other heart racing things to do in Bergen.

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