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Delicious Vienna: Top Desserts to Try In Austrian Capital

It might be a controversial statement, but I do believe that desserts in Vienna are just as fascinating as the architecture.  The cakes taste like little piece of heaven, while original apple strudel is a work of art. If you are planning a trip to Austria’s capital, leave your diet at home and enjoy the taste of the good life.

Everyone heard of Sachertorte, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832. This dessert is so famous that there is National Sachertorte Day, so come December 5., you can join the proud Austrians and indulge in a piece or two. Sachertorte is made of chocolate and apricot jam, traditionally served with whipped cream. Check out Café Sacher and Café Hofburg to get the authentic taste.

Apple Strudel is another outstanding dessert, which has a bit of history in it. It is not just popular in Vienna but in other countries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Some believe that we can trace this pastry back to 1600, and while there are many recipes, Austrians are masters of creating a perfect apple delight.

Small but mighty Vanillekipferl are traditional Christmas cookies, but they actually celebrate a victory over the Ottoman Empire. The texture will melt in your mouth and for a taste of real Viennese treats pastry shop Demel.

Viennese Punschkrapfen is going straight to our hips, but who cares? Small, pink fondant fancies are made of fluffy cake, marmalade, a touch of rum and pink punch glaze. Go to Konditorei Heiner and let the sugar rush and rum dive into your soul.

Esterhazy torte is another decadent cake, which has six layers and the Esterhazy family inspired it. It is seductive, spongy, and for the real experience visit Gerstner Salon Prive or Cafe Landtmann. The icing, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla, cherry brandy, rum, and cocoa are going to change your life. Well, at least for a while.

There are many pastries and cookies and cakes to find among wonderfully decorated, vintage oriented cafes, hotels and cake shops that you should have on your Vienna itinerary. One of those is Imperial torte, delicate and rich at the same time. It has, you guessed it, six layers. Marzipan gives sharp, distinct taste and if you have any doubts where to get the original piece, look no further than Cafe Imperial at Hotel Imperial.

You cannot leave Vienna without Mozartkugel, although this dessert comes originally from Salzburg. Gourmet chocolates filled with delectable marzipan are also an excellent gift for the folks back home and the best way to be sure you are getting the real deal? Order from the official website! 

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