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Money-Saving Tips for Family Vacations

Family vacations are an ideal way to bond with your children and teach them about the real values of traveling. While the experience is priceless, every else costs. Let’s see how to save some money and still have that dream vacation.

Kids don’t care for fancy foods and restaurants. Still, it doesn’t mean you have to cook whole meals. Make a picnic, turn eating into a fun experience. If you still want to take them out, check out the prices before choosing a restaurant. Buying lunch or dinner at a grocery store is time-saving, and the kids will enjoy some change in their diets. You are not a bad parent if your child gets a few hot dishes from the store.

Money-Saving Tips for Family Vacations

Instead of opting for a hotel, choose vacation rentals, away from the city’s center. Tiny, affordable homes or spacy apartments are way cheaper than staying in multiple hotel rooms, and you can prepare meals, keep an eye on the kids, make plans as a family and teach them a valuable lesson in saving.

Skipping the gift shops can be hard, but spending all the savings on one vacation is reckless. Set your budget for some small and sweet gifts and get a souvenir for your home. Nothing big, nothing expensive, just something to remind you of your vacation.

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While we got used to vacationing during the season, avoiding big crowds is both cheaper and more comfortable for you and your children. Going during shoulder season (between off-season and peak) gives you great weather, more affordable flights, rooms, and activities.

When it comes to activities, buy tickets ahead of time, explore deals. Check out camping spots or other activities free of charge.

Flights can be a nightmare and a costly one as well. Luckily, several websites will help you with finding cheaper tickets. It is good to know that traveling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are cheaper. Skyskanner, CheapOAir, Momondo are useful apps you will need to compare prices.

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Then there are issues with bags. You get a cheap flight, yet you have to pay extra for the luggage. Well, this one is easy to solve: learn to bring the necessities in carry-on luggage only. Buying kids smaller bags is an investment while learning to pack like a minimalist will only benefit you in the long run. Don’t take what you want, but what you need.

Finally, it all comes down to planning. Having children is expensive, but when you are tracking your finances and thinking ahead, the vacation will be more relaxing and enjoyable for all of you. Get creative with them, while teaching your kids to be responsible with their money. If you get stressed out, then you will need another vacation, so if you can’t afford a big trip this year, that’s ok, switch to plan B.  After all, your own childhood memories are about being included, being together, not about spending and eating pasta in the poshest restaurant.

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