Icefields Parkway

Route 93 from Banff to Jasper, more commonly referred to as the Icefields Parkway, is one of the most visually spectacular driving routes in the world. In the heart of the Canadian Rockies, this adventure will make your jaw drop at every turn. This remarkable journey offers wonderous images of mountains, glacial lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife.

Here are a few amazing places worth checking out along this scenic drive.

Bow Lake

This gorgeous glacial-fed lake is unmissable as you begin this unforgettable drive. The blue water shimmers underneath the sun on a bright, cloudy-free day. The towering mountains create a surreal and peaceful atmosphere. Fed by runoff from Bow Glacier, you can spend a relaxing afternoon with a picnic along its shores or take a canoe into the water.

Reflections at Bow Lake, Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

Peyto Lake

The aerial views of this milky blue lake will take your breath away. The large, wolf-shaped Peyto Lake is surrounded by a forest of luscious trees. The turquoise blue water looks beautiful to be true, but the rock flour from the melting glacier provide its breathtaking color.

The popular lookout area lets you peer into the vast distance of the valley that cuts through the mountains. On a clear day, it will appear that landscape stretches forever.

Camping at Peyto Lake on a rocky ledge wide shot

Columbia Icefield

The sheer power of Mother Nature radiates from this massive collection of glaciers. The mighty Athabasca Glacier can be seen from the highway, but you can hop out and explore more of this majestic scene. This gigantic icefield is the largest in all of the Rocky Mountains and it is a rare sight to behold a triple continental divide.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can book a tour that takes you onto the ice and you can feel the power of the glacier beneath your feet.

Columbia Icefields Alberta Rocky Mountains winter Canada

Sunwapta Falls

This mesmerizing series of waterfalls let you take in the power of the river flowing through the canyons. The falls are easily accessible from the parking lot and the upper falls provide stellar views of the river flowing into the depths below. When crossing the viewing bridge, you will get astonishing views of the tiny island of trees stranded just above the canyon.

You can continue the hike to get the full experience of seeing the lower falls. The downhill trek will provide more incredible images of the canyon.

Sunwapta falls with small island in Athabaska river, Icefield Parkway, Jasper National Park, Canada.

Athabasca Falls

This picturesque hike alongside the mighty Athabasca River provides many stunning displays of the water flowing through the canyon. Although the waterfall is not an impressive sight in terms of height, it makes up for it with magnificent mountain scenery.

The primary drop is a jaw-dropping sight of a gorgeous mountain soaring from above. Head deeper into the gorge as the river cascades against the rocks. You can feel the sheer force of the river flowing through the narrow passageway.

Athabasca Falls in Alberta, Canada.


The beautiful mountain town of Jasper marks the end of the enchanting drive on the Icefields Parkway. Enjoy a few days of adventurous activities and spectacular day trips in Jasper National Park before making the return trip.

Spirit Island – Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Sunset, wide angle shot during summer. Looking down.

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