Get Into the Summer Groove: Top 4 European Party Capitals

Summer Vibes: Cheapest Party Capitals in Europe

European capitals are well known for their history and unique architecture. Some of them are tourists’ favorites, like Paris and London, but our focus is on the cheaper and highly entertaining places. Here’s a quick tour through European cities you are going to love. Pack your bags and start exploring with as little money as possible!


Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, is called the New Berlin. However, it is way cheaper, and the nightlife may even be wilder than Berlin’s. There are numerous cozy little places for summer nights as well as boats turned into nightclubs on the Sava and the Danube River. The city offers music events, open cinemas and you will not believe how many great cafes you are going to find. From the Old Town’s Skadarlija to New Belgrade’s modern building and Zemun’s unique clash of cultures, you won’t regret your stay. Check out Freestyler, Hot Mess, Lasta or 20/44 for endless nights on the rivers.


Some cities are just beyond everything you ever imagined. Prague is the epitome of beauty and style and visiting the Czech Republic’s capital should be on everyone’s bucket list. One way to enjoy this city is via boat, Vltava River inspired many poets and composers, so it might just spark your creativity. Of course, you have to try Czech beer in one of many pubs, called hospoda. Then hit the Lucerna Palace or Chapeau Rouge, iconic dance clubs and end the night at Roxy, the place where clubbing meets art. You get to enjoy some of the oldest building in bohemian capital as well as enjoy some great nightlife.


Greece is great for summer holidays, and while Athens isn’t a hot spot for vacationing, it’s ideal for the craziest summer nights. Some of the best places to be are located in Monastiraki district, like Couleur Locale, A For Athens, Six D.o.g.s, and 360 Cocktail Bar. While the historical city has a lot more to offer than just wild parties, if you want to experience Greek life fully, you have to check out the clubs and pubs. Just remember that the Greeks don’t have a word for a hangover, so be careful with that ouzo and leave your inhibitions at home.


In Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, you will find some of the friendliest people. For a traditional experience, visit kafanas, places where music, nightlife, bohemia, and great food and drinks come together. Check out Ganza, Kaj Pero, Marshalot, Skupi or Makedonska Kuka to fully understand the spirit of the city. The great thing about Skopje is that most of the hot spots are in the center of the town, apart from being as cheap as you can imagine. Bars are the pinnacle of Macedonian nightlife. Start with Kapan Han, a unique setting, from the Ottoman Empire. Then continue exploring the Old city’s bars: Van Gogh, Kaldrma, Kala, Bastion, Casa di Borbone, Lajka, Café Krug, to name a few. End your evening by visiting clubs you get to chill and enjoy the music, Loft, Havana, Sector, Jukebox, Saloon, Mamas or Ballet.

All the mentioned cities are reasonably safe, and you will spend less than in any other capital in Europe. Besides, you will get to see pieces of history and meet new people. And yes, you won’t break your bank, so you will be able to travel some more.

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