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Kota Kinabalu | Orangutans and Other Adventures in Borneo

Alexander Szabo
Located near the northernmost point of Borneo, the Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu is one of the premiere destinations the island has to offer. Beautiful, luxurious, and incredibly safe, the city plays home to some...
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Galapagos Islands | A View to Nature as Darwin Saw It

Alexander Szabo
Though the Galapagos first appeared on the global map thanks to Charles Darwin, the naturalist’s work is far from the only reason to visit these isolated islands. A quirky geological history has led to the...
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Cairns | Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Alexander Szabo
No journey to Australia is complete without a visit to the largest barrier reef in the world, and that in turn means no journey to Australia is complete without first stopping in Cairns. While the...