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Télescope: Tiny Parisian Cafe You Don’t Want To Miss

As a coffee addict and a proper fashionista, running into Télescope was destiny. Near Kenzo and Celine stores, somewhere among Japanese restaurants, I decided to give my not-so-old feet a rest and got into a small, simplistic, vintage-inspired place. But what I discovered was the best coffee I have ever tried.

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There’s nothing touristy about this place, unlike all the cafes on Montmartre. You will get a friendlier and more local experience, without feeling like an alien.

Baristas were very cool about my tres poor French, so after ordering a double shot of espresso, I checked out the menu, and I wasn’t impressed. I ordered a croissant (When in Paris), and I wasn’t disappointed. But let’s go back to that espresso.

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. this place always makes my day .

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The taste is rich, intense and it smelled like the most delicious treat you can imagine. I had only 12 hours in Paris left, but this relaxed atmosphere, baristas who aren’t looking down on you and oh-la-la croissant made it almost perfect until I realized there was no Wi-Fi.

While having a good internet connection is essential when you are in a foreign city, running around by yourself, if I had it, I would miss all the atmosphere around me, and I wouldn’t bother remembering my real Parisian experience. And while the place itself isn’t “somewhat fancy” it is all the Scandinavian simplicity and calming color scheme (basically white, blue and brown) that makes you feel a bit more local, even if it is your first time in Paris.

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. running treat .

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Located near the Palais Royal, Télescope is just tiny enough for tourists to miss it, but don’t judge the book by its cover: this is a taste of real Paris, away from the long lines in front of the Louvre or magnificent and that cold atmosphere of Versailles.

Now, the shocking part is that prices are somewhat low, compared to similar coffee places in Paris. Also, the staff speaks English, and they will help you with your order if you are willing to give something other than plain old espresso a try. Apart from pastries, there are cookies and brownies. It is is a place to check out and get away from all the expectations you have when you come to Paris.

While it is not the most obvious, it is definitely a place you will want to revisit and don’t worry; you can also order tea. Quiet, cozy, small, this isn’t a destination; this is a stop, a resting point where you can hit reset and remember that you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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