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Bavarian Day trips

The Best Day Trips in Bavaria

With the beautiful and vibrant city of Munich as your base, you are a short drive or train ride from many invigorating ways to spend the day. From the alluring peaks of the Alps to important historical sites, there is a day trip from Munich for everyone. Here are my top recommended trips...

cape town

The Mother City – Cape Town

The vibrant port city of Cape Town has something for all tastes and adventures! The rugged, mountainous terrain towers over a coastline decorated by pristine white-sand beaches. Beyond the shores, urbanites will be enthralled by the character of the city’s artistic neighborhoods. Nature...

italy rome

An Unforgettable Trip to Rome

Ahh Rome! The epicenter of the Ancient Roman Empire has captivated the hearts of millions of people in its near 3,000 year history. From astonishing ruins and magnificent churches to inspirational artwork and delicious cuisine, Rome will take your breath away. For those stepping foot in...